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The Literary Groong - 04/24/2021

Drones, Drain, Clowns, Clone

Deranged uncultured, dirty toenails, praying five times a day

Pious pretenders, underpaid armed mercenaries, MIT son-in-law flunkies

Red blood flagbearer, dripping prophets, stolen tech, bombs guided drones

Threats, drains, warfront profiteers, high above the sky, propped, dropped

Bayrakdar drones killed 5000 of my countrymen in cold blood, Israel cheered on

Georgia welcomed caravans of arms, Turkish convoys on the run, cooking skin alive

Azeri war chants, frothing animals killing from the sky, surgically laughing at their crimes

Turkish guidance, clowns cloning disdain, exported, never expunged, multiplying like flies.

Countries mounted on dead horses stuffed, fellating spicy scimitars

Magical jingoism, jailed journalists, propaganda bought by the pound

Petrodollars syphoned coffers, dictators ruling golden toilet style

Nude dancers, lacerated masses, Kurds, Syrians, Artsakh, free Artsakh!

Millions of souls have been disturbed by ambitions to rule and destroy

Millions more will die before revenge is final, their downfall forsworn

Millions of Arabs will rise, will topple Turkish allegiances spat upon 

Duplicitous, two faced, fezed facetiousness, good for nothing barrenness. 

Let this pestilence leave this earth, cleave their destiny, Armenians to thrive once more. 

Bedros Afeyan

April 6, 2021

Pleasanton, CA

Dr. Bedros Afeyan is a theoretical physicist who works and lives in the Bay area with his wife, Marine.
He writes in Armenian and in English and also paints and sculpts.
He is the current editor of The Literary Groong

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