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The Literary Groong - 11/15/2020

Artsakh War of the World 2020
2500 Armenian soldiers sacrificed Mostly 18 year old recruits “We ought to win”Was the war slogan Ironic, engulfed in hubris Hyperbole, high praise, folly We had old tanks, Kalashnikovs and limited supplies They, an unlimited trove of kamikaze drones Made in Israel, electro-optically guided, swank Deadly killers, and Turkish drones too Made of EU and US parts, called Bayrakdar Turkish flag proudly brandished on their side Erdogan and Aliyev strutted their billion dollar bribes To hush the international press and pay for positive coverage The prostitutes of the world obliged. Including the NYT and LAT But not the Guardian or the NY Post… Russia laughed and watched the velvet revolution disintegrate Watched our prime minister drown in his own verbal vomit Watched our youth perish, fed Azeri beasts what they bought Petro-dollars still pouring in. Petro-loot fueling their coffers Buying ISIS fighters to come scalp Armenians for $100 bonuses And when that did not work either, Turkish elite commandos! US trained, NATO ally nation state, murderous genocidal thuggery With F-16s. In 2020 Artsakh lost seven provinces 1000 year history Not as worthy of attention As a criminal autocratic dictator’s whim Georgia only too pleased to aid and facilitate Ukraine signing military pacts with Turkey Putin consolidating power and permanent presence Under the guise of peace keeping Two-faced dictator for life, he. They will all pay, one day After Trump is in the heap of history His Turkish debts, his Azeri business deals Exposed, and him rotting in jail Orange jumpsuit matching his spray-painted hair Wriggling every night through the howls of agony. Bedros Afeyan 11-15-2020 Pleasanton, CA
Dr. Bedros Afeyan is a theoretical physicist who works and lives in the Bay area with his wife, Marine.
He writes in Armenian and in English and also paints and sculpts.
He is the current editor of The Literary Groong

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