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The Literary Groong - 04/24/2015


    Oh longing, grass flown by, buzzed rotors clanking, modern wreck
    Oh, sunshine, fading chromosomes wailing through a night's blight
    Orange muff, winter stark teleportation, is union station closed shut?
    Moved by this anachronic denial spiral of long leaved mustache slashed
    Billed as men of religion, of pride  bursting away in reflections slighted
    They dance on our graves and spank their destinies with feathers flocked
    They bounce their checks and babies on our knees bleeding against rocks
    Infinite regress mindless hedonic whip slit skulls rolling down fez pools
    Progress toward the jungle of creviced kink self-chest-plucked beatings
    Progress with bulging guile, without regret, planning the next falling mass
    Killing is easy when echoes die young. When tongues are torn, tied shut
    When repeated genocide in Germany and other boroughs flamed skins dry
    The world coined a term for this (re-)currency of societal monstrosity stamped
    Red drenched flag with white sliver of hopeless moon covering its own star
    And every 100 years or so, we claim our due and raise clean specter of truth 
    Burning like incense in unshakable faith chained in traditions to produce
    Our grace packaged in toil, soil free loyalty to a beautiful locale only we own
    Our apricot groves, villages gone, flailing instruments of innocence reborn 
    Rocky terrain salvation comes Araradian field blown zephyrs from our future
    Cleansing their evil, thick as a river, evaporated in lies, threats, endless scars. 

    Bedros Afeyan
    Pleasanton, CA

Dr. Bedros Afeyan is a theoretical physicist who works and lives in
the Bay area with his wife, Marine. He writes in Armenian and in
English and also paints and sculpts.

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