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The Literary Groong - 12/14/2013

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	When Some Day

    By Hovannes Toumanian

    Dearest comrade, when you arrive some day
	To gaze upon my tomb,
    And scattered all around it see
	Bright flowers in freshest bloom,
    Think not that they are ordinary
	flowers at your feet thus born,
    Or that Spring has brought them here
	My new home to adorn.
    They are my songs unsung, which must
	Within my heart but hide;
    They are words of love left
	 Unuttered when I died.
    They are ardent kisses, my dear,
	Sent from that world unknown,
    The path to which before you lies,
	Blocked by this tomb alone!


Hovannes Toumanian (1869-1923) with his epic poems, lyrical poetry,
quartets, short stories, critical writings and letters is an artist
and writer for all ages and all nations and this he is on an
altogether unique level.

Submitted by Eddie Arnavoudian, but translator unknown.
In memory of Ken (1950-2013) militant fighter for justice and equality,
musician, piano tuner, blind sportsman who represented Britain twice
at the 1980 and 1984 Winter Paralympics, chess player, beer drinker
and much more...

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