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The Literary Groong - 03/29/2013


	By Silva Zanoyan Merjanian

	She's in between poems you wrote in your sleep
	between madness and euphoria in your dreams

	she's between lips brushed on her breath's skin
	between fingerprints you kissed on your sheets

	she's between moans of the night and sunrise
	between notes of Beethoven rolling down your tongue

	she's between tuned strings of a cellist
	on canvas in between shades of sunflowers and iris

	she's laughter, snagged between your metronome beats
	she's in between an ocean and a sky on its knees

	you're between paper and a drop of ink

	Silva Zanoyan Merjanian


	By Silva Zanoyan Merjanian

	On days like this
	Light carries sultry swirls to her fingertips
	as if a summer night biting on a breeze
	spring raindrops plump with promise 
	hit heaving ground
	burst into half conceived laughter  
	reality gently peeled from a dream
	nail scratches  inside her skin
	she slides through tight ribs
	eyes on joie de vivre threading clouds

	on days like this
	whispers color lips in rose scented pink
	half truths or lies
	in a moment 
	she heals

	on days like this
	she'll wear her blue dress
	she'll leave the curls in her hair
	red toenails scratch inside your skin
	as you try to escape your daydreams

	she never looks back again
	crushed apple seeds under her heels

Silva Zanoyan Merjanian is a published poet residing in Southern
California with her husband and two sons. She recently released the
first volume of her poems Uncoil a Night . She has been published in
Streetcake Magazine, Miracle-ezine, The Literary Groong, Mad Swirl,
The Galway Review, The Artistic Muse (December 2013 issue) Poet's
Basement in, an international political newsletter.
She is proud to be part of the Anthology `The Art of Being Human- An
Anthology of International Poetry', volume 3.  She will also be
featured in first edition of The Inspired Heart, a collection of
International Poetry by publisher Melinda Cochrane.Silva was
shortlisted for the Fermoy International Poetry Competition 2012, and
has been invited to Ireland this summer to read and introduce her
recently released book, at the Fermoy International Poetry Festival,

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