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The Literary Groong - 03/09/2013


	by Ana Arzoumanian

	Dash out in long steps,
	grandma, run,
	don't turn back,
	they are there, run,
	they're watching you;
	to the other side, pretend,
	now pretend, don't scream,
	who would help you now
	if it's only you
	they have to play?;
	ease off that thing inside, be patient,
	they are only bodies
	threatening you, guarding you,
	only bodies
	squashing and pecking.
	Like a slave without a master
	who no more implores you,
	who has nobody
	nothing left to pray,
	be patient and forget;
	soon the last one will be at bay, finally squeezed, the last one
	and you'll be dead.
	Don't try to put your legs together,
	already off, don't you see?,
	although they've shaken
	the olive-colored skin of fury,
	don't be restless, full of envy
	little by little nothing's left,
	keep yourself in their fingers,
	stay inert, keep the strangulation ring of nails,
	and don't play dead;
	it's all the same,
	it'll be the same, now
	I'll be the substitute, grandma,
	who expresses herself in your omitted place,
	who plays your role in my throat.


	by Ana Arzoumanian

	And the other blood
	which does not course,
	which ambles in acid
	of women
	whose blood does not course.
	Through the suture of their legs,
	its sharp stiffness, something
	mutilated invisible on the sand,
	on the sand led sea,
	The sea that swallows ships;
	on the sand of exile dissolving
	drinking jars with moles,
	and the air overcast, concave,
	shovelfuls in hailed breath, pushing
	dragging shabby dresses
	of women
	whose blood
	does not run
	but coarse.

Ana Arzoumanian was born in Buenos Aires. She is a lawyer who works in
the accademic fields specializing in Holocaust and Genocide.  She has
taught a course on Holocaust and its transmission in Jerusalem in 2008.
She writes mostly in Spanish.

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