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The Literary Groong - 04/21/2012


    By Bedros Afeyan

    April is the deadliest month unscented, unchimed
    Bottom welled, marching winds, tearing pages
    History sanded, blackened red, baked, desert cake
    Crystal ball darn yarn, music festers, tragedy pounds

    For they got away, got away they think, clean hands atremble
    A thousand lies carpet cover our millenial  blood lines
    Progress thunders, defezed, Europa, opa, donner kebab
    Cannibals, semaphores, taunts, threats, honor gulped fang clubs

    Their helicopters whiz dream swift attacks, Greece, Cyprus
    Kurdistan, Bulgaria, Armenia their flag could further rape
    Civilized society serves measured scorn, coffee, demitasse
    Just invent invention, damned truth, talent, toil of others

    Worshipped idols, patriarchal demigods, statues mounted, horsed
    Supremacy bevy hoards protest our alleged mass graves unearthed 
    Atrocities before breakfast, before chai, before morning prayer, tavli
    Stolen lands, manifest destiny, exalted ascent through genocide

    A future bleak in ghettos French, Belgian, Dutch, German
    Blood grows thin, golden smiles, sharpened plastic scimitars
    History rises in sharp clear notes: Repent or freeze in salt piles
    Justice trapped in desert skull mounds, denied Armenian voices
    Sing lullabies to womb torn babies never saw Moush, Van, Ararad. 

Dr. Bedros Afeyan is a theoretical physicist who works and lives in
the Bay area with his wife, Marine. He writes in Armenian and in
English and also paints and sculpts. Samples of his work can be found
on the web by clicking on his personal web pages at:

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