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The Literary Groong - 08/27/2011

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	i do not know about God

    By Michael E. Stone

    i do not know about God,
    i cannot say "you" to Him as 
    One I address directly.

    such providential
    realism is not mine.

    liturgy, though,
    has its own rhythm.
    familiar service,
    words soothe the soul.

    suddenly, meaning strikes home,
    pierces the heart!

    let the pattern of words then,
    known, loved, carry us and,
    if we are lucky, 
    every now and then
    focus in a different way,
    sharp, impelling, shock.

    30 April, 2010

Michael Stone is Professor of Armenian Studies at the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem. He has published poetry in Ararat, Avocet,
Byline Magazine, Hazmat Review, King Log, Mandrake Poetry Review,
Ruah, White Heron, ARC, and Voices Anthology. He also translates
medieval Armenian poetry into English and has published translations
in Ararat, Sion and St. Nersess Theological Review.

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