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The Literary Groong - 11/13/2010

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	I see you, its sudden
	Going to work in a frosted car.

	You look salty, it is morning.

	if I touch your line, will you vanish and dissolve into heaven
	Like sugar in served tea?

	So finally you're sweet.

	Your earthy feet shed time and space
	are the same color as my eyes...

	For a moment the air embraces your blue,
	So you turn pink in shame,

	Such an astonishing, beautiful shame...

	And I think you're young but
	if I count your wrinkles
	Acquired smiling at our kind,
	from too far away, a snowy purpose crisp
	Charming, full to bare.

Ani Boghossian was born in Echmiadzin back in cold, dark 1989. She
still lives in Echmiadzin, yet went to school in Yerevan ("Aghasi
Ayvazyan" Varjaran), She is now in her last year studying
International Relations at Yerevan State University. She has a blog in
Wordpress ( She has also created a site for
her artist aunt ( She writes in English and in
Armenian and draws and paints as well.

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