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The Literary Groong - 08/21/2010

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	by Ani Nourig Boghossian

	Wind spirits, will you shutter me?
	I am a thoughtless cloud
	Cream-colored, I disrupt
	And smash against indigoes
	To turn blue pale
	Like the betweenness of these hills.
	My reclusion- but a  weed
	In twisted forests
	With unknown remedies 
	(We shall cure bewilderment).
	Ahead of time and spaces
	Between the vivid stars
	That stare, frozen
	From the palms of God,
	I look
	And question their existence,
	And in the end
	We turn unusually real.
	You, wind spirits, will you
	Drag me with your gusts of flight
	Like a light silk of sadness
	For the blind child to touch
	And close his eyes.
	Be silent now.
	They weep to wrap the dying with this thread.
	Beyond the rivers deep,
	Beyond the me, the infinite, the restless

Ani Boghossian was born in Echmiadzin back in cold, dark 1989. She
still lives in Echmiadzin, yet went to school in Yerevan ("Aghasi
Ayvazyan" Varjaran), She is now in her last year studying
International Relations at Yerevan State University. She has a blog in
Wordpress ( She has also created a site for
her artist aunt ( She writes in English and in
Armenian and draws and paints as well.

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