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The Literary Groong - 07/31/2010

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	By Ana Arzoumanian

	And the other blood
	which does not -- run,
	which smells of acid
	of women
	whose blood does not -- run.
	The suture of their legs,
	Its sharp stiffness, in morsels
	mutilated invisible on the sand,
	on the sand to the sea,
	to the sea that swallows ships;
	on the sand of exile dissolving
	drinking jars with moles,
	and the air stays overcast, concave,
	shovelfuls to inhale, pushing
	dragging shabby dresses
	of women
	whose blood
	does not -- run.

Ana Arzoumanian was born in Buenos Aires. She is a lawyer who works in
the accademic fields specializing in Holocaust and Genocide.  She has
taught a course on Holocaust and its transmission in Jerusalem in
2008. She writes mostly in Spanish.

She has published Labios (1993), Debajo de la piedra (1998), La mujer de
ellos (2001), El ahogadero (2002), La granada (2003), Mía (2004),
Juana I (2006), Cuando todo acabe todo acabará (2008). She has
translated The Long and the Short of Holocaust Verse by Susan Gubar
(2007) , and Sade et l'ecriture de l'orgie by Lucienne Frappier
Mazur (2006).

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