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The Literary Groong - 04/10/2010

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	Out of a nutshell

	by Ani Boghossian

	Infinity it is
	And I have nothing
	Even inspirations that untie
	To flutter
	Between fireflies and lampposts
	Sidewalks and dim clouds
	Trees and empty bottles
	Drift into air
	So that I can
	And while I hold my breath
	I can write symphonies in motion.
	But Lord,
	I could be bounded in a nutshell
	And count myself king
	But instead I
	Wash the feet of existence
	And indulge
	My owning of nothing in anything at all.
	I emerge out of nutshells
	Time after time
	To see colors
	Different in each light
	(While light creates color,
	It has none itself...)
	And I think
	that thoughts don't belong to me
	And I am but a king
	In a nutshell that is in a nutshell
	On a nut-tree
	In dark soil
	Between earth and sky,
	In infinities...

Ani Boghossian was born in Echmiadzin back in cold, dark 1989. She
still lives in Echmiadzin, yet went to school in Yerevan ("Aghasi
Ayvazyan" Varjaran), She is now in her last year studying
International Relations at Yerevan State University. She has a blog in
Wordpress ( She has also created a site for
her artist aunt ( She writes in English and in
Armenian and draws and paints as well.

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