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The Literary Groong - 12/19/2009

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		Freund or Freud?

	by Michael E. Stone

	An I is more complicated than it seems
	More complicated than I like to think
	Find it multi-layered, sneaky
	seeking in one path
	an outlet to other needs
	Yet writing as writing persists

	Why is bringing forth words harder than the need
	deliberately flowing or not freely to think
	To use the brain-that-sweats for the brain that sings
	The myriad worlds set blindly sinking before me
	Ready for a boot or a current jolt to tear me open at the seems.

Michael Stone is Professor of Armenian Studies at the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem. He has published poetry in Ararat, Avocet,
Byline Magazine, Hazmat Review, King Log, Mandrake Poetry Review,
Ruah, White Heron, ARC, and Voices Anthology. He also translates
medieval Armenian poetry into English and has published translations
in Ararat, Sion and St. Nersess Theological Review. He is at present
finalizing an English translation of the medieval biblical epic
Adamgirk' by Arak'el of Siwnik'. In addition to poetry he has
published numerous scholarly books and articles on Armenian studies.

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