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The Literary Groong - 11/29/2009

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	By VarBed

	You feel gloomy inside
	every Thursday night
	when there is no light
	and the clouds are in sight

	In the middle of that night
	the giant you face has big height
	its shadow you see causes you fright
	the adversary you can never fight

	You try to find a reason for life's miseries
	when pages of life are always mysteries
	one by one you turn them into histories
	as you live in the shadow of your adversaries

	No matter how you try to explain
	life will always remain the same
	there shall be small steps to maintain
	until you realize that the giant's so vain

	That's when you'll be happy inside
	in the middle of Thursday night
	when there is no shadow to fight
	only the one you love will be in your sight

	That's when the moon will shine bright
	in the middle of every night
	the clouds will be out of sight
	and the stars will dance to your delight

Varoujan Bedros grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. He has a Ph.D. in  
Mathematics from The University of Montana, and enjoys literature
and poetry in his spare time.

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