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The Literary Groong - 09/26/2009

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	By Meredith Z. Avakian

	I wanted to laugh
	I wanted to cry
	I did cry
	But I wanted to laugh
	Still, tears streamed...
	...uncontrollably for a second
	But then I chuckled
	My first Armenian Church service
	So emotional
	Didn't have to understand the words to feel the energy...
	The sadness...
	The mourning...
	The tears
	Then, the attire caused a smirk
	The cloaks, the hoods, the collars
	It's really quite comical if you're not used to it
	The giggles
	Foreign among foreigners
	`I feel like I stand out'
	But they looked like me
	Still, I was not one
	Not then
	For as long as they chant,
	I will laugh
	And as long as the incense burns,
	I will cry
	Giggles and tears
	My first Armenian Church service
	Certainly won't be my last

Corporate communicator by day and performance poet by night... if
there's one thing to say about Meredith Z. Avakian, it's that she
loves words.  Author of `Propaganda Begins with PR: Poetry for the
Soul,' Avakian typically writes free-verse spoken word poetry inspired
by real-life experiences and emotions.  Some of her poetry has been
published in the Armenian Mirror-Spectator, the Armenian Poetry
Project and The Literary Groong.  For more information, visit

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