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The Literary Groong - 09/12/2009

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	By Ani Boghossian

	Today I sat down in front of the piano
	The keys were telling me about
	Vanilla hills
	With lonely purple trees...
	Today in a glass of wine
	I saw two lips
	Who were reading the Illiad
	In ancient Greek...
	The grey sheets of the sky told me that
	Rain will fall all night
	And I still will be mortal
	Like these trees that have no name...
	Still, the wind tangoes with no one
	And soon prints will be written
	On the sand
	On which he'll be walking
	To the destination of absurdism
	I smell him smoking
	Like a chimney in a German town...
	The drums are still hitting
	My heart
	Like some wild rock band...
	How long
	This space is spinning around my soul
	While my eyes search
	In a raindrop a whole ocean
	Through which whales move
	and I listen to their voices echoing
	With the viola...
	I want to slip from this roof
	And fall into a vortex
	Where flickering souls are
	Catching light from stars
	And I'll find what i'm looking for...
	I will be writing till the stars
	Start giggling again
	With the moon smoking pot
	And when the dogs begin to growl
	Like jazz-men in a pub
	I will be free,
	Free from this square one...

Ani Boghossian was born in Echmiadzin back in cold, dark 1989. She
still lives in Echmiadzin, yet went to school in Yerevan ("Aghasi
Ayvazyan" Varjaran), She is now in her last year studying
International Relations at Yerevan State University. She has a blog in
Wordpress ( She has also created a site for
her artist aunt ( She writes in English and in
Armenian and draws and paints as well.

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