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The Literary Groong - 08/08/2009

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				      Cube -10-

	  `Hashish, money, a getaway car kidnapped us'
	it's a clear note written with coal on the wall of a cave
	`We stole uncountable bundles of money, hashish and a getaway car '
	It's the first line of the notebook of an old robber
	`Where's to be found more hashish, more money, another getaway car?"
	asks indignantly a policeman drowned in his blotter.

	O, my God,
	Most of all I love that beauty
	Who advertises hashish, fast cars and printing money
	All in art.

			      Cube -12-

	An army moves
	From a position of freedom
	To the next freedom camp
	How different are
	Those two illusions!

	O, freedom -
	multifaceted be thy  Budda,
	Armies rush in to erect
	Every thy deceitful portrayal.

	And children are born to hate
	Mother's milk in prayer calls
	Or trust the almighty buck
	Sacrificed, decorated on their backs.

Hrant Alexanian was born in 1961. He's the Daniel Varoushan prizes
laurate of Armenias council of writers. The published books in
Armenian are: Life giving field (1989, Yerevan) Celebration (1991,
Stepanakert) Summer in Amaras (childish, 1991, Yerevan) Roses revolt
(1994, Stepanakert) Symmetry of fall (1996, Jerevan) Cubes for His
Excellency (1997, Stepanakert) Marginal sayings (1998, Tehran)
Sarcophagus of full moon (2000, Beirut) The provided sagas from "haM"
interbook /2003, Stepanakert/

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