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The Literary Groong - 06/20/2009

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	by Hrant Alexanian

	New Year's day is approaching
	Short paced like a reincorporated baby
	All was built of blood till then
	Reduced to ashes through sculpted veins
	Oh, cosmic red dust
	don't cover the roofs of my town
	even after the death of time
	Living water will flow out in its ring-shaped parks,
	The  Conqueror's soul will guard and star from above.

	The sorcery of fertilizing the burnt planets -
	Haik's favorite word will always split
	From clear yards and festive rituals
	To warm freezing hearts filed in rows
	Fixed In the public square's poternt memory.

	The Lord, set me free from the pain to be a prophet,
	I see how mild and delicate have become the synonyms of future
	and it is sacred duty to wish for the New Coming and ever becoming of

	Poet ...

Hrant Alexanian was born in 1961. He's the Daniel Varoushan prizes
laurate of Armenias council of writers. The published books in
Armenian are: Life giving field (1989, Yerevan) Celebration (1991,
Stepanakert) Summer in Amaras (childish, 1991, Yerevan) Roses revolt
(1994, Stepanakert) Symmetry of fall (1996, Jerevan) Cubes for His
Excellency (1997, Stepanakert) Marginal sayings (1998, Tehran)
Sarcophagus of full moon (2000, Beirut) The provided sagas from "haM"
interbook /2003, Stepanakert/

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