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The Literary Groong - 05/23/2009

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	I empty the old ones and find among deposits of fine dust,
	Layers of me at twenty, at twenty-five...

	A copy of 100 Years of Solitude in French,
	A collection of science-fiction entrenched around copies of Voltaire.

	Then notes in old travel books.
	Some souvenirs bought or found.

	Cookbooks with recipes of curry, hamam meshwi,
	Grandmother's lentil soup and Mum's mujjadarah,

	As I meander through them, I smile at my Present,
	knowing that it and the Future have a solid Past.

	Lola Koundakjian

(this poem appeared in the Weekly's annual booklet, December 2008)

A peacenik, techno-junky, traveler, potter, yogi and art lover, Lola
resides in NYC.  She runs the Armenian Poetry Project, enjoys literature in all its forms
and writes urban poetry occasionally. She is currently working on her
first manuscript entitled "First Flush".

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