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The Literary Groong - 05/02/2009

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         By Knarik O. Meneshian

               March, 2009

	Earthworms glide around crocuses,
	In and out
	Of soil black and soft,
	Wet with night's rain
	And morning's dew.

	Ants scurry up and down daffodil stalks
	Green and firm,
	Into buttercup faces
	That smile yellow at hyacinths pink and blue
	And heavy with the scent of spring.

	Robins chirp and flutter,
	Carry away twigs
	And blades of grass
	To make ready for speckled,
	Sky-blue eggs.

	Under the peonies
	Lilies of the valley bow,
	Knowing that soon
	The bumblebee will come
	To caress the roses.

Knarik O. Meneshian is a writer and lives with her family in Glenview,

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