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The Literary Groong - 04/18/2009

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			Playing hide and seek,
		      Partially-spoken passion,
		  Now a time-consuming, tired ache,
		   How momentary chaos turns pale,
		     As each breath gently curves
		Away, from phenomenal dappled vision.
		Could it be that life shivers briefly?
		   Braking each and every magician,
		      Seems to be my prototype,
		     Life shivers before my eyes,
		  Emotions dress in exuberance, but
		Timeless happiness slumbers yet again.
		   I walk into my infinite jungle,
		    That is where I feel at home,
		   Free to embrace my own silence,
			       To roam,
		     Chanting through the world,
	      As my soul dances in its own composition,
			    Without music
		       Life! I live it my way,
	       A roadblock at the end of each highway,
		Minds with different depths and view,
		 I have come across, but only a few,
			  I am simply tired,
			     Then again,
	       I live my life, my own creation, insane.
		   Hibernation, an old time remedy,
		  Has turned my life into a comedy,
		 But Im tired of the games it plays,
	 The emptiness it scatters across my heart for days,
	       Where my partially-spoken passion lays,
			    Tired, aching.
		 Shall I be patiently waiting? Maybe.
			    Matters none,
		I can paint my own ice-blue hyacinth,
		 Kissed by the morning ocean breeze,
	    Where sense and sensibility walk hand in hand,
		      Brimming from its shores,
		My feelings scattered across the sky,
	   It is there, where they cry, they live and die,
	    Wondering, if happiness is worth to be defied.
			   Karine Ovsepian

Karine Ovsepian was born in Yerevan, Armenia, but grew up in the city
of Soukhumi by the Black Sea, which used to be the capital of
Abkhazian ASSR. Literature has been part of her life since school
days. She writes in Armenian, English and also in Russian. She is
planning to publish her first book.  Some of her English poems have
been published by the International Society of Poets in US.  She is a
graduate of CSULA with BA in English, minor in Creative Writing &
Biology. She believes poetry is a gift, a limitless gift of expression
and imagination to the world.

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