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The Literary Groong - 03/28/2009

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	I AM NOT 1989

	by Alina Gregorian

	I am not Lancaster, PA. 
	I am not a rubber band. 
	I am not your nation's capital.
	I am not fiscally responsible.
	Nor am I delighted to meet you.
	But I'd like to start flossing.
	I'd like to throw arrows at Utah.
	I'd like to sign my name here.
	I'd like to tell an ant colony
	to pack up and go home.
	I'd like to sew your mouth shut.
	I'd like to wave a flag on some
	mountain overlooking some sea.
	Here's what's going to happen:
	I'm filling my car with gasoline
	just to drive over these stones. 


	You said: Never discuss baseball when waiting for the train. I bought
	loafers and met you at the docks. You were there, J, with your gloves
	on your head. I thought youd ask about computers. I thought youd
	suggest a stroll around the wetlands. I hugged you instead of fixing
	the gloves, which were falling.

	The kites have been together for days, tangled and breathless. Have
	you been to the planetarium, J? Have you seen the tinfoil stars?
	Everything about your hair reminds me of broken sandals.

	Do you still want to throw remote controls on the stove to watch them
	simmer into a mechanical mess? Do you have the urgency to commensurate
	maps? The need for eloquent apples? I have all the coins we need, J,
	to reserve the mountains.

	If you knew how many times birds engrave your name on my arm. Ask me
	about janitors and their dinner parties. Ask me, J, about your
	radio. I woke up to a bruise on my left waist, just below my
	ribs. Thank you, J, for your paraphrases. And if our phones dont work
	well yell.

Alina J. Gregorian is a graduate student at The New School. Her poems
can be seen in Pax Americana. She lives in Brooklyn NY.

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