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The Literary Groong - 03/07/2009

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	Khor Virap

	Michael E. Stone

	Khor Virap on a hill's shoulder,
	not even reaching up to
	near-far Ararat's ankles.
	Its wall and dome
	etched out.

	Square gravestones scattered
	at its foot,
	like so many children's blocks,

	A boy sells doves,
	(turtle doves?).

	Ice cream and Coca Cola
	by Gregory's vaulted pit,
	wall engrooved
	by ages' reverent kiss.

	Genocide and Holocaust

	Michael E. Stone

	Genocide's a hard word,
	killing a people
	holocaust too,
	whole burnt offering.

	senseless, Satanic,
	bringing him in
	does not soften
	what's done

	to outgroup by ingroup
	in gas chamber
	in desert march
	transfer and transport
	`work makes free.'

	We remain as
	brands from fire,
	fate's favoured,
	guilty for living.

Michael Stone is Professor of Armenian Studies at the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem. He has published poetry in Ararat, Avocet,
Byline Magazine, Hazmat Review, King Log, Mandrake Poetry Review,
Ruah, White Heron, ARC, and Voices Anthology. He also translates
medieval Armenian poetry into English and has published translations
in Ararat, Sion and St. Nersess Theological Review. He is at present
finalizing an English translation of the medieval biblical epic
Adamgirk' by Arak'el of Siwnik'. In addition to poetry he has
published numerous scholarly books and articles on Armenian studies.

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