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The Literary Groong - 02/28/2009

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	Some springs
	Have their own swallows,
	Which melodize
	The year, the time,
	Which is just life.

	Life has its melody,
	Its song,
	Which rings like a bell,
	Which is hung in our school...

		  A note of happiness
		   Hangs from its chime
	Sending tunes up my heart.

	It is with the same emotions
	That I illustrate bells
	On New Year greeting cards...

	I am resounding
	The melody of happiness,
	Which begins from our school
	And expands,
	Reaching our people and their time,
	Enter the classroom,
	Which is just  life...

	The swallows chirp
	And build their nests...

	...It is us
	Who fall in love,
	And go to secret dates,
	And taste the flavor...

	...It is us
	Who form a family,
	With sonorous notes,
	With tempo and time,
	Which is just life.

	Life has its breeze,
	Which whispers in our garden,
	In the nursery of our school,
	And caresses the trees and flowers
	And roses,
	Which are more fragrant
	Than dreams...

	Trees and flowers and roses,
	Our wealth...

	...Which we enjoy in time,
	Which is just  life,

	It is with all these things
	That I love the swallows,
	That I love the spring.

Mr. Davtian has published three books of his poetries in Armenian, and
one book in English. He is the president of the Armenian Writers
Association of California. AWAOC has monthly literary meetings at the
Glendale Public Library, Glendale, CA, sponsored by the library.
Grish is founding and former editor of The Literary Groong.

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