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The Literary Groong - 02/14/2009

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	By Bedros Afeyan

	Blood banks of promises drop by
	Drop pass bastard sons of the deposed
	Gauged republic, genericized, disengaged
	I dream to see the warming sea
	Blazon nights and neon flares
	Hammering clamorous to ordinaire
	An empire gone un-adjusting
	Another -- rising fumes and smog
	Billions of arms reaching for our waste
	Wider than wealth
	Brighter rectum than oil
	As we coil and vent
	Bolder eagles, unturbanned,
	Unheadscarved, aggregate
	To curse credit crevices
	Sloping, panting clangs
	Moaning delight in ancient
	Single note instruments of state
	Calming Cool Aid awaits
	Ribbon dancers at an Olympiad
	Brotherly destiny of Tibetan Pride or jest.

	Davies Symphony Hall

Dr. Bedros Afeyan is a theoretical physicist who works and lives in
the Bay area with his wife, Marine. He writes in Armenian and in
English and also paints and sculpts. Samples of his work can be found
on the web by clicking on his personal web pages at:

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