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The Literary Groong - 12/27/2008

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	By Grish Davtian  
	Translated by  Diana Der-Hovanessian  

	On this the Feast of Navasart, on this the New Year's start,  
	I drink to you, my people, from the chalice of my heart.  

	Whenever cloud or calamity has darkened our fate  
	you stood as guardian Sassountsi, my people, my state.  

	Whether your left hand bled or you lost the right  
	you kept your head erect and  kept our honor  bright.  

	You are the hope of Ararat and Aragats to see  
	a new dawn where all their lands are free.    

	I toast  you from the chalice of my broken heart,  
	my Armenian people, on this feast of Navasart.  

Grish Davtian runs a one hour weekly literary program, called Literary
Ether, on Horizon Armenian TV. The book of his English poems "The
American Pulse" has recently been published by Publish America LLLP,
USA. He is also the editor of The Literary Groong (TLG) webpage on the
Groong Armenian News Network website.

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