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The Literary Groong - 12/20/2008

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	By Angela Keshishyan

	All HER life she's felt trapped.
	Trapped, blocked, choked.
	No air, no life, no chance

	SHE tried to gasp for air
	But SHE was stopped,
	Stripped of the right
	Chained, buckled, beaten down

	NO!  No SHE was told.
	And what was this word?
	This word that stopped HER?
	Why did it stand in HER way?

	Was it that powerful, this word?
	No SHE heard until her final moment
	Until no more air was left
	No chance, no crack,

	So what happens to HER thoughts, ideas, beliefs, chances?

	It is gone with HER.
	Where no one can ever hear

	The world has lost
	Another voice is silenced
	Another love is forbidden
	Another chance is gone

Angela Keshishyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia but raised in
California.  She received her B.A in English Literature from CSUN.
Angela is currently working on her M.A. in English Literature.

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