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The Literary Groong - 11/01/2008

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	By Lola Koundakjian

	Watching Steve serving at the Bar.
	He smiles with inquisitive eyes of
	`What can I serve you tonight'.

	`Pour that Wyatt*, my man. Will that go
	well with the stripped bass?'

	But first, tell me, how many love stories,
	sob stories, heartaches, smiles, drunks, tips,
	stinginess did you witness tonight?

	Randy takes over as Steve goes out for a smoke.
	The regulars are holding court around Norma and her
	multiple martinis.
	Then come the two elderly gentlemen who meet here so
	often they finish each other's sentences. They give
	me a nod and start dispersing but not before
	discussing the latest scores.

	The mood winds down.
	The after opera clients saché in.
	The lights are low;
	the multicolour candles are swaying.

	After some glasses to warm the heart against the wind
	chill factor, the patrons leave to hail their cabs to
	the four corners of the city.

	It's dawn.

	* California Cabernet-Sauvignon



	By Lola Koundakjian

	I wore white at Hrant Dink's memorial
	Because love is everlasting
	Hope is immemorial
	And thoughts reverberate eternally

	March 5, 2007

A peacenik, techno-junky, traveler, potter, yogi and art lover, Lola
resides in NYC.  She runs the Armenian Poetry Project, enjoys literature in all its forms
and writes urban poetry occasionally. She is currently working on her
first manuscript entitled "First Flush".

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