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The Literary Groong - 10/04/2008

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	By Meredith Z. Avakian

	Don't worry, I will not forget
	I always will remember the stories you've shared
	Even the ones that hurt to think about
	Like how the Turkish children split Daddy Sam's head open on the way to school one morning, just because he was Armenian
	The past is the past, but I will not forget it

	Grandma, don't you worry, I will not forget your cooking
	It's what always kept the family together
	I promise to keep us bound after you're gone
	No one can cook dolma quite like you,
	But I will try to remember your recipe
	As it's been passed down to me

	I know that your grandparents lived every day wishing they could forget
	But if they died knowing that I would remember
	I think they would be proud
	So not only will I serve as a symbol of remembrance,
	But I will share their experiences aloud

	You know you don't have to worry
	I will not forget the work that was put in to make sure I succeed
	Your assimilation and conformity may not be to my liking,
	But I recognize that they were done for me
	At the end of the day, you have not forgotten where you come from
	And you know that I will not forget

	Rest assure that this feeling will last,
	The notion of hope and remembrance
	Your generation fought their battles
	Now it is time for us to finish this war
	Excuse me, I will not forget that it never was a war
	I will remember it as genocide, don't you worry

	Grandma, I never could forget you
	I see my smile in yours and yours in your mothers
	I'm sure my children will resemble the same
	You know that everything about you will be remembered
	And your parents would be proud to know that you never forgot
	When you see them again, please let them know
	I never will forget


Meredith `MZA' Avakian is a spoken word performance poet and New
Jersey native who now resides in Philly, where she graduated from
Temple University with a degree in public relations.  She is the
editor of DuPont Network News - the FORTUNE 500 company's daily,
global, online newsletter. Some of her poetry has been published in
the Armenian Mirror-Spectator, Armenian Poetry Project and The
Literary Groong.

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