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The Literary Groong - 07/19/2008

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	By Meredith Z. Avakian

	Mother from Egypt
	Father from Turkey
	Well, the land formerly known as Armenia
	And bearing that same blood from both
	All with large noses and `ethnic' features
	Daughter of immigrants
	She grew up in a two-bedroom apartment in Jersey City
	Where her parents sheltered her
	>From the poverty and tragedy
	Yet, still no stranger to hard work
	She grew up hearing of what it was like back home
	Far from the streets of Jersey
	Where the blood of many relatives tragically stained the soil
	To be left in her roots
	And those of her husband
	Whose orphan mother and dark-skinned father
	Knew all too well
	They managed to make it to the States
	As they had to escape the fate
	That three young men
	Brought to millions
	In a new place, this young couple assimilate
	Losing the language almost as quickly as family
	Surviving by means of conformity
	To some degree
	But all for a better life
	This wife never forgot the memories
	Never forgot the recipes
	Never forgot the families
	And birthed two sons
	Who knew of the tragedies
	But were too far to relate
	To lost relatives
	Too far to understand
	Too few who knew
	So she grew into grandmotherhood
	With four legacies to be specific
	Knowing she must pass the torch
	As it'd once been handed to her
	Fueled by the internal flame
	That her relatives were burned for having
	Mother from Egypt
	Father from Turkey
	Born in America
	Still an Armenian Queen
	And I call her Grams

Meredith `MZA' Avakian is a spoken word performance poet who has been
writing poetry for nearly a decade.  During the last several years,
she has been performing at open mics, poetry slams, talent shows and
art showcases and Armenian churches throughout the East Coast.  Her
work focuses on life in its rawest essence - love, hate, politics,
ethnicity and sex.  MZA is a native of New Jersey, but currently
resides in Philly, where she graduated from Temple University with a
degree in public relations.  She currently serves as the editor of
DuPont Network News, the DuPont Co.'s daily, global, electronic

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