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The Literary Groong - 07/05/2008

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	by Karine Ovsepian

	It's atrocious to crave like this, 
	Every thought a disturbed murmur, 
	Naked words like burning candles, 
	So invisible, yet burning at both ends.

	Craving with such a wondrous pain, 
	Nights unveil solitude of nothingness, 
	Two expressions with exquisite form, 
	Who's to preach at such hours human norm.

	Qualified perfection could address this desire, 
	Hot is heat, but this is fire, 
	Burning each branched majestic thought, 
	Side by side, two blazing leaflet souls.

	Knotted in tresses of such famine, 
	A hint of hyacinth, 
	Drenched lips dwell amid the nooks, 
	Lighting the fire from the eminent flare.

	Still craving in the face of a soiled mirror, 
	As moon snares kisses onto drenched locks, 
	The sky secretly enfolds unveiled breasts, 
	Beyond control, beyond conviction, just crave.

	A moment! Invisible despair, 
	Beyond human power, 
	It's reckless and unabashed, 
	The decisive face of crazed hunger.

Karine Ovsepian was born in Yerevan, Armenia, but grew up in the city
of Soukhumi by the Black Sea, which used to be the capital of
Abkhazian ASSR. Literature has been part of her life since school
days. She writes in Armenian, English and also in Russian. She is
planning to publish her first book.  Some of her English poems have
been published by the International Society of Poets in US.  She is a
graduate of CSULA with BA in English, minor in Creative Writing &
Biology. She believes poetry is a gift, a limitless gift of expression
and imagination to the world.

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