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The Literary Groong - 02/09/2008

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	by VAHAN DERIAN (1885-1920)
	translated by Diana Der-Hovanessian 

	  There is an invisible chain in the skies
	unseen as pain is unseen
	except in the eyes.
	  The chain settles with the galaxies
	of night to buckle the stars
	each to each.

	They flicker like sacred candles
	and reach, but are tied
	to order and held separate by sight.
	  You and I are bound like the stars
	by dreams, not by need.
	Always together, always separate.
	On the same course but orbits apart. 


	  I love your dark and wicked eyes as deep
	as the mysterious evening is deep. And as dark
	as the spell that dusk casts. I love the vast
	seascape of your eyes where sin
	hesitates like twilight before flickering past
	where luck and chance have been. 
	I love yur eyes, their drunken golden haze,
	eyes that magnetize the lost like wordless beams
	and torture the soul with their pitiless caress.
	I love their dark and mysterious depths.

From COMING TO TERMS, selected poems by Vahan Derian, Ashod Press, NY

DIANA DER-HOVANESSIAN author of ten other books of translations and
thirteen volumes of her own work was recently honored by Hasmig
Boghosian the Minister of Culture of Armenia with a gold medal for her
work for Armenian literature.

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