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The Literary Groong - 01/05/2008

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	  You told me once,
	That starlessness cures insomnia.
	Well, I blinded all the stars
	But stayed awake.
	Perhaps it was the punishment
	For my impudence,
	And a mere indulgence,
	That I was saved from death.
	If so, then I should appreciate it,

	  I could not
	I continued to seek feverishly
	All the possible ways to switch off my mind
	And plunge into darkness.
	I had no more stars
	To distract my painful attention -
	Yet I had them in my memory.

	  And I started counting them,
	The poor victims of my selfishness.
	There were millions of them,
	Sparkling accusingly and being
	So better than me in their innocence.

	  Why have you ever told me
	That starlessness cures insomnia?


	By Sara Margaryan

	  you waste yourself
	on words
	and become a long sentence
	for the deaf
	a crooked reproach
	for the blind
	an absolute nonsense
	for the insane

Sara Margaryan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She has graduated from
Yerevan State Linguistic University and the European Peace University,
Stadtschlaining, Austria. At present she studies for a Master program
of Asian Studies, Lund, Sweden, specializing in modern Japan. Sara has
been writing poetry since childhood and published a book in 1999.
She writes mainly in Russian, but also in Armenian and English.

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