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The Literary Groong - 12/29/2007

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	By Gevorg Emin
	Translated from Armenian by Diana Der-Hovanessian

	  You are real. 
	  And because of that, perhaps,
	I can walk under clouds and rain
	  and not forget the sun.

	On the coldest days
	  I remember there is fire
	somewhere after all.

	In the heat of sweltering days
	I realize
	that snow shimmers intact
	on the peak of Ararat.

	You are real
	and because of that I see
	beyond our room to taste life
	with two mouths, four eyes.

	You are real. And because of you
	I think the spring to come
	  can have no fall. 

GEVORG EMIN (Kevork Emin) (1919-1998) was the most widely translated
Armenian poet of his day. He was born in Ashtarag and educated as an
hydraulic engineer but became a succesful poet and writer winning
every Soviet literary award of his day. On one of his trips to the US
he asked an Armenian-American poet Diana Der-Hovanessian translate his
poems. She published his FOR YOU ON NEW YEARS DAY with International
Poetry Editions and it was reprinted by Ohio State U. Press.

DIANA DER-HOVANESSIAN author of ten other books of translations and
thirteen volumes of her own work was recently honored by Hasmig
Boghosian the Minister of Culture of Armenia with a gold medal for her
work for Armenian literature.

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