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The Literary Groong - 11/10/2007

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	By Maro Margarian
	Translated by Diana Der-Hovanessian

	    There is something in this world
	called Justice.
	Its other names are Compensation
	and Restitution.
	But it is never called Punctual.
	On the contrary it always comes
	too late. Like a missed love,
	timed wrong, worse when it arrives
	than if it had never come.
	Causing more pain.
	There is something in this world
	named Justice that arrives late
	to find a new name on its door,


	By Maro Margarian
	Translated By Diana Der-Hovanessian

	What did you do, mothers,
	when under your tired feet
	only scorched land
	was left, dry and without seas?

	   Without a shepherd you were left
	leaderless like your sheep.
	The bloodied villain was soul-less
	and the hero, helpless and weak.

	   How did you rescue us, mothers,
	out of chaos, out of flame,
	to the path, the higher road,
	how did you find the way?


	By Maro Margarian
	Translated By Diana Der-Hovanessian

	  My fountain of songs never runs dry.
	Time has not sapped its singing
	My desires still blaze and fly.
	Time has not eased their stinging.

	  But I must sing more softly now.
	Cold air makes listeners cool.
	And childish dreams must not be told
	unless I play the fool.

MARO MARKARIAN 1915-1999 Armenia's most beloved woman poet who was
also an activist for children's rights and the Karabagh movement.
Women's Poetry, AIWA Press 2006.
Diana Der-Hovanessian,a poet in her own right , has translated into
English ten volumes of Armenian poetry. She was born in New England
and is president of the New England Poetry Club founded by Amy Lowell
and Robert Frost. Her latest book from Sheep Meadow Press is The
Second Question.

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