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The Literary Groong - 10/27//2007

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	by Yelena Mkhitarian 

	Every religion is sacred and wise,
	It gives a divine description of the world,
	God has created for us all.
	It says we are the superior creatures on earth
	That must be kind, tolerant and right in all.
	But some people take it wrong,
	Making religion a source of hatred and war,
	Spreading enmity and evil over the world.
	Men of the world!  Beware of that!
	No religion says we must be apart!
	We must unite in the name of trust,
	Life and beauty around us.
	Don't we find these faiths in the creations
	Of geniuses of different credits?
	Pasternak, Shakespeare, Firdusi,
	Tolstoy, Tagore and Narekatsi
	Preach the same truths that sound alike
	To Christians and Muslims,
	Judes and Buddists:
	The generosity of soul and spirit,
	The purity of mind and feeling,
	The glory of deeds and feats.
	Aren't these the immortal values
	That all believers worship most?
	We all belong to the universal race
	Who are responsible before God
	For the peace and goodness on earth,
	And this must be the religion
	Of all the believers in the world!

Yelena Mkhitaryan was born in Tbilisi, Georgia.  After graduating from
secondary school in Tbilisi she came to Yerevan where she was admitted
to the English Department of the Yerevan State University.  At present
she is professor of General Linguistics and Theoretical English
Grammar at Yerevan State University.  She is the author of a number of
English textbooks and manuals for university students and numerous
articles on linguistics, English grammar in particular.  Writing poems
has become a kind of inspiration for her of late, but she has not
published any of her writings yet.

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