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The Literary Groong - 10/13/2007

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	Thoughts Must Retire At Times...

	By Karine Ovsepian

	Thoughts must retire at times,
	Unsought with plainness,
	Expressions must dress in silence,
	With the wisdom?s truthful grace.

	Prolonged oppression must exalt,
	Not to become chaotic revolt,
	From time to time one must bite the tongue,
	Before it bites a piece of old and young.

	Silenced vindications arise with the day,
	Painted in our own colors of dismay,
	As with each new brush stroke,
	We dress them with our unique smoke.

	Blueness in the sky, glimmer of the sun,
	At times with sweet words could be done,
	Yet double-shaded faces of missing hearts,
	Become nothing more but whispering of arts.

	Perplexity becomes a daily fling,
	Missing each piece of an old string,
	Pretence seems to be a thing of the new,
	Friendship survives amongst the chosen few.

	Thoughts must withdraw at times,
	From seasonal eminence and crimes,
	Pretence of such elusive world,
	Becomes nothing more but a simple bore.

	Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
	In this pretentious world what is a trust,
	Simple appearances cast many odds,
	Thus we all get to paint our own facades.

Karine Ovsepian was born in Yerevan, Armenia, but grew up in the city
of Soukhumi by the Black Sea, which used to be the capital of
Abkhazian ASSR. Literature has been part of her life since school
days. She writes in Armenian, English and also in Russian. She is
planning to publish her first book.  Some of her English poems have
been published by the International Society of Poets in US.  She is a
graduate of CSULA with BA in English, minor in Creative Writing &
Biology. She believes poetry is a gift, a limitless gift of expression
and imagination to the world.

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