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The Literary Groong - 09/08/2007

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	By Lola Koundakjian
	(to DB)

	It was John who mentioned it first:
	"I've discovered Saffron Tea", he said.
	And was quite determined that it should be "subtle".

	"Tea is black", he added, "just as wine is red."
	I couldn't agree more.

	Patty came in with a care package with IRAN stamped
	all over it:
	bags of prepared Saffron tea, 250 grams of Isfahani
	Mirzapore exported 
	directly from EEEERAAAAN, 
	green cardamom barely dried, and a package of saffron
	you can't buy this side
	of the Atlantic.

	Saffron, the other gold.

	I poured the water in the pot, added the tea, the pods
	and the magic powder, and drank three heavenly cups.

	January 6, 2007

A peacenik, techno-junky, traveler, potter, yogi and art lover, Lola
resides in NYC.  She runs the Armenian Poetry Project, enjoys literature in all its forms
and writes urban poetry occasionally. She is currently working on her
first manuscript entitled "First Flush".

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