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The Literary Groong - 08/18/2007

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	By Bedros Afeyan

	Fractions of a life ring out
	Fractured morsels of tempting hearts
	Effaced apogees, elastic, nomadic chords,
	Crinoline forests of fine lights caress
	Fixed figurines brooding in  the sky
	Helicopter blades heaving, tails raised
	Provincial police alerts garble on
	Prisoners grinding hope with lacrima,
	Lucy in the Sky carved lacerated labia.

	Music menaced memories on a garrulous journey
	Rapacious service, fragile in industry
	Masses sing for mercy, unrehearsed
	To evoke a bursting flow of triumph total
	Global, grotesque, orgiastic as Carnaval.

	Oh, come let us vote in the next scoundrel
	The best liar standing sans culotte, sans sousis,
	Sold to the corner office, name tagged parking spot
	Spot on leaders of this dream-land, amere by proxy
	Banal drone like cusps of overheated drivel
	In 24 hour news casts setting dreams to sleep
	Dreamers to debt or doubt, avarice advancing,
	Celebrating abdicated faith in its tail lights.

	Four by four seasons of treason, polled and electioned
	Transgressed fictions stuffed in the eye of the office holder
	Leaves to debris to oil to snow and wind whirling
	With the exposed sun burning spinners, pundits
	Punks in suits with patriotic colored lapel pins
	A pantomime parade leaping into a confettied sea.

	God in the womb! Jesus in the bedroom!
	In Army barracks, navy cots, reservists
	With their stem cells held hostage
	Left for the rats at Walter Reed
	Wrapped in the constitution
	Sold as confection to fired federal prosecutors
	For not saluting the all embracing leader-mother-ship
	Neo con job and pedigree as deep as
	A veil of Yale Diploma Cs
	Stuffed in our anthems as we sleep.

	Davies Symphony Hall
	San Francisco, CA
	3-17 & 3-18, 2007

Dr. Bedros Afeyan is a theoretical physicist who works and lives in
the Bay area with his wife, Marine. He writes in Armenian and in
English and also paints and sculpts. Samples of his work can be found
on the web by clicking on his personal web pages at:

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