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The Literary Groong - 01/20/2007

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	by Helene Pilibosian

	Time to forget
	nature's mannerism
	and remember that earth
	is not an enemy.

	Time to recommend
	soil that gobbles seeds
	and gratifies us
	with the command of plants.

	Time to plant
	our reprimands and gather
	the green of their leaves
	for an appreciation.

	Time to suspend
	the negative moments
	like dangling participles
	to a sentence that will obey.

	Time to repair
	the crafts that need
	new glue; even flour
	mixed with water will do.

	Time to repair ourselves
	and the twitch of face
	that happens after dearth,
	perhaps reversing it.

	Time to fill the lanterns
	outside ourselves
	with the light they crave,
	with raves of esteem.
Helene Pilibosian has published two books of poetry, "Carvings from an
Heirloom" and "At Quarter Past Reality". She is the owner of Ohan
Press ( which has published seven
books, three of which are Armenian.  The above poem is from an
unpublished manuscript entitled "History's Twists," dedicated to
Armenian subjects.

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