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The Literary Groong - 11/04/2006

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	By Kevork Kalayjian

	It was light, like thin air
	a vague suspended state
	where everything could matter less
	or anything could matter more
	compared to others,
	distant, detached hazy others.

	But what mattered more, was
	this one person, this individual,
	who was not just one anymore,
	since she was composed of;
	her, me and the entire world
	together. Not together like
	in an alphabet soup, but rather
	like a beautiful collage of none
	prescription inclusions of very
	special feelings, sensitivities
	made of delicate sentimental
	mental states, specifically made
	for this utterly uplifting occasion,
	which should not be called an occasion
	because it is more of a preoccupation,
	an overgrowth of involvement, deprived
	and eager to conquer lost time and space,
	it stretches beyond the heart, empowers
	the mind, with thoughts beyond
	the acceptable and the imaginable,
	it ignites the soul, which now conquers memory,
	it propagates creativity, it harnesses
	imagination, it liberates dreams.

	Visions unfold on all the avenues,
	existence is transformed into a
	continuous flow of love.
	Like the flow of life, it grows from
	inside of you, to the outside, and
	from the outside world it comes in
	through all the windows, the eyes.
	The eyes are not just the organs to see,
	they are the fountains of truth, real friendship,
	warmth, sincerity, intimacy. They are
	the donors of passion, the receivers of fascinated feelings,
	the eyes are the givers of everything;
	goodness, virtue, volcanic dedication.

	What is this state, but floating in love?
	Flying in love? And it never ends
	because it has no climax, it's a prolonged
	state of suspended fulfillment.
	A sequence of pleasures with peaks
	that do not drop, they keep on
	and on, on higher plateaus,
	higher levels of understanding
	more delicate levels of feelings,
	an incredible sensory, sentimental perception.
	And when the moon shines with a full smile,
	it is the sign of a new beginning, with the
	confident awareness of the joys to share,
	the pleasures to reciprocate.

	What happens next? How does it all end?
	As soon as you ask that,
	you learn that it doesn't end,
	it simply isn't there anymore,
	it just disappears as if it didn't exist in the first place,
	and if you ask about it, they will tell you loud and clear,
	"We told you so, don't look for it, it doesn't exist, it only
	happens in movies and plays, it's only a dream."

	That's when you fall, and you realize that you had fallen
	in love, Or you had simply fallen.

	Then the celebration begins, pretending that it didn't hurt,
	you start to dance again, take chances again.
	Walk, swim and fly again, look in the mirror again,
	hum a tune  ... again

Kevork K. Kalayjian, Jr.  A graduate of the AGBU's Melkonian
Educational Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus, holds a B.A. in Political
Science and Economics from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Rutherford,
NJ, a M. Ed.  Counseling Psychology, from WilliamPaterson University,
Wayne, NJ, and CPA requirements completed at Pace University,
NYC. Kevork resides in NY with his wife Maral, and three sons Aramazt,
Tro, and Ohanes. A descendant of survivors of the Genocide from the
town of Kilis, in the Cilician region of Armenia, an accountant by
profession, he likes to paint and write. His next project is to
collect the names of 100 volunteer Armenian-American families who
would like to resettle in Armenia and jump-start a new way of work and
life there. Some of his poems have been published in literary
periodicals such as "Ararat" and at

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