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The Literary Groong - 08/05/2006

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	By Bedros Afeyan

	Our narratives are fresh detached roots 
	Dangled drips of  negotiated reality
	Dispersed in alien geopolyphony
	Flowering at the edges of volcanic ashlands.

	Our narratives are frail identities 
	Molested yet sold in street trade
	Molding Garry's Hadison's and Aznavour's
	Pealed Garabedian, Heditsian and Aznavourian 
	Mere traces of a chorus fallen land.

	Our stale narratives, cataloged fresh, fresh
	Die with each veneration, dragging choice privations
	Chanting dignity, justice and christian destiny
	Fermented jackets of indifference, self absorption
	Inviting every label, model and color of extinction
	To metastasize a small vineyard of apricots and dreams
	Into bewildered banality, Los Angeles, Yerevan 
	Hemorrhaging Hye** identity haunted past 
	The volts of historical heresy. 

	Pleasanton, CA

** Hye is the Armenian word for "Armenian."

Dr. Bedros Afeyan is a theoretical physicist who works and lives in
the Bay area with his wife, Marine. He writes in Armenian and in
English and also paints and sculpts. Samples of his work can be found
on the web by clicking on his personal web pages at:

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