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The Literary Groong - 07/01/2006

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        By Arevshad Avakian

        Translated by Diana Der-Hovanessian and
        Reprinted from the Christian Science Monitor

        (A poem for the April 24th anniversary of the genocide by the Turks)

                    Today let everyone of us
                   for a minute forget blood and tears
                   and we will not have
                   two million sorrows.

                     Today, this once, let everyone
                   of us have only kindly thoughts
                   and we will have two million
                   feelings that are pure.

                      Today let everyone of us keep
                    a pulsating star in mind and
                    we will have a sky  of two million stars.

                      Today let us all plant a seed into
                     this red earth, our vein's earth
                     and we will have a wreath of
                     two million blossoms.

                      Today let everyone of us awaken
                    the child within us and we will have
                    two million innocents, two million strong.

                       Every year on this day let everyone
                     of us find a star, a flower, a child and
                     we will multiply again, again
                     two million flowers, children and stars.

Arevshad Avakian is a well known poet and painter living in Yerevan.
He was born in Ashdarag in 1940 and has been active in Karoun
Magazine, Radio Yerevan, and as president of the Cultural Foundation.

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