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The Literary Groong - 05/27/2006

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	By Sara Margaryan

	you live in a city
	where stone scrapes the sky
	where the starts are hidden behind the roofs

	you live in a city 
	where the smoke of cigars
	makes the nostrils loose

	where the motion leads the crowd
	where the snow melts in mouth
	caught in air and coughed out

	I sleep on grass of emeralds
	and eat unripe and dusty plums
	right from the trees

	I share bread with funny ducks
	and quite seldom smoke cigars ? 
	it's my caprice

	you live in a city
	where music slaps wind
	where the glass is god

	you live in a city
	where the color of green
	turns habit into sport

	where the beauty should be dug
	where one beer drunk from mug
	does make you drunk...

	I catch the moon
	and sing and dance
	and call you ? 
	tell me once
	that you can see me

	how? where?
	among the cars

	you live in a city
	without stars

	September 2003

Sara Margaryan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She has graduated from
Yerevan State Linguistic University and the European Peace University,
Stadtschlaining, Austria. At present she studies for a Master program
of Asian Studies, Lund, Sweden, specializing in modern Japan. Sara has
been writing poetry since childhood and published a book in 1999.
She writes mainly in Russian, but also in Armenian and English.

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