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The Literary Groong - 05/06/2006

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	By Varoujan Froundjian

	Your face is the autumn light shining
	Through leaves hung by frozen
	Branches on the early harvest time
	Wetness of your lips reflect sunlight 
	Gleaming on the horizon yellow
	Purple clouds laugh while their hems drop-
	The early rains of morning flood

	She lies down next to me and I see
	Her cloud blossom breasts
	Tinkle by the breeze blowing
	Across the sheets.
	Then I walk down the staircase 
	Of her marble ribs and find a meadow
	Shadows extend towards east...
	It will rain soon.
	The purple mist gathers above 
	Her cornfield lids ...
	Wish I were her dreams 

	You enter my garden like
	A goddess in ancient tales, 
	Gliding above purple lakes, 
	Letting lilies kiss your hips
	I long my hand towards you
	And my wishes narrowly dim...

Upon graduation from Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatrical Institute,
Varoujan Froundjian directed several plays in Armenia, Cairo and
Unites States, among them, Eugene Ionesco's "The Lesson", Anton
Chekhov's `The Bear', George Feydeau's "A flea in Her Ear", and
created dramatizations of poetry by Yeghishe Charentz, and
`Lamentatons' by Krikor Naregatsi.
His first recital in United States was at the General Theological
Seminary, NYC where he introduced an anthology of Armenian poetry. He
directed a poetic commemoration of the Armenian Genocide in the
Diocese of the Armenian Church of America. At the Armenian Cultural
Foundation in Arlington, MA, he presented a dramatic monologue based
on the life and work of 19th century poet, mystic, Eghia
Varoujan Froundjian frequently writes for the Armenian Reporter
International and his poems have been published in anthologies
produced by Recently, Varoujan has begun a series of
experiments where he combines poetry with computer animations soon to
be viewed on the Internet.

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