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The Literary Groong - 04/08/2006

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	By Diana Agabeg Abcar

	"Have ye read the wondrous story
	A Transcendent page of glory!
	As it happened in Armenia
	In the province of Sebastia
	'Tis a tale of women brave
	Choosing Death, themselves to save
	From the Turkish soldier's lust
	From his satyr passion gust
	Three thousand drank the poisoned cup
	Others, no poison left to sup,
	From crests of hills they leaping fell
	Into abyss of gorge and dell.
	Their fathers, brothers, husbands, sons
	'Gainst Turk's artillery and guns
	Seven and twenty days methought
	Had battle waged and stubborn fought
	The foe, of arms well provided
	Whilst their meager stock exhausted
	Yet fighting still they heroic died.
	Shall we live, slaves to Turk's embrace?
	Nay!  Sweet for us in death's dark grace
	So the women said, and fearless died."

Diana Agabeg Apcar, born Rangoon, British East India 1859, died
Yokohama, Japan 1937. Author of several books, pamphlets and articles,
including "Peace and No Peace" in 1912; " Betrayed Armenia" in 1910;
"Armenia Crucified" in 1918. Honorary Consul for the Republic of
Armenia to Japan 1920, her final manuscript "From the Book of One
Thousand Tales, Stories of Armenia and its People, 1892-1922" was
published by granddaughter Lucille Apcar in 2004. "The Siege of Shabin
Kara Hissar" appears in the above-mentioned above book as one of
sixteen short stories.

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