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The Literary Groong - 03/25/2006

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	By Beverly Honkonen

	Your thick, black, sweaty hair.
	Your crooked, toothy grin.
	The nervous stutter of your voice.
	The smell of pencil lead and soap.
	The rough touch of hands well used.
	Of all the things
	Still tattooed in my memory
	Of you
	It is the slumped curve
	Of your shoulders and back
	As a paternal hand
	Pushed you the other way
	And you scurried from me,
	Carrying my life with you . . .
	Of all the things.

My name is Beverly Honkonen and I recently found out that my family's
name was originally spelled Hankanian several generations ago, but was
changed when they immigrated to America from Russia. I think this
makes me Armenian, and since discovering this information, I have been
researching my new-found heritage. I am a high school English teacher
in a suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I am also a graduate student
at Cleveland State University, enrolled in the Master's of English
Literature Program, and have been writing poetry since I was a child.

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