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The Literary Groong - 03/11/2006

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	  In relation with you 
	The sweetness of life ripens, 
	Becomes enjoyment and happiness,
	Becomes tasty with bliss¦

	  Flashes and illusions¦
	Flashes and illusions¦
	Become real as
	Light and warmth¦
	Light and warmth¦
	That is how life becomes actual,
	Which is an inexhaustible ending
	Of expectations¦

	  Eternity is devotion
	That cannot be defined by meaning,
	Be conditioned by causality,
	By moral or social values¦

	Plunge into my bosom,
	Do not worry with the story of survival,
	Because we are the convicts
	Of an inexhaustible ending¦

	Ray and dew¦
	Ray and dew¦
	Diluted reality of concept
	In the flow of time¦

	No net can catch us now,
	We have reached to the freedom,
	No bounds are left in our sight¦

	Plunge into my bosom¦
	Plunge into my bosom¦
	And¦ you will not reach the bottom¦
	No bounds are left¦

Grish Davtian runs a one hour weekly literary program, called Literary
Ether, on Horizon Armenian TV. The book of his English poems "The
American Pulse" has recently been published by Publish America LLLP,
USA. He is also the editor of The Literary Groong (TLG) webpage on the
Groong Armenian News Network website.

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