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The Literary Groong - 03/04/2006

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	By Kevork K. Kalayjian, Jr.

	strangers in our own 
	untranslatable paradise
	we wait for the discovery 
	of new colors and hues 
	to depict what we felt.

	Taking refuge in intensely personal emotions
	so extraordinary, that when we try to verbalize
	we sound like babbling toddlers.

	we have our daily routine 
	blanketing the deep stillness
	of treasures so rare 
	planted in each of us
	by the other 

	defying dimensions of time 
	place and destiny

	in the clear shiny night
	the stars keep on singing
	the sparkling songs of the crickets


Kevork K. Kalayjian, Jr.  A graduate of the AGBU's Melkonian
Educational Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus, holds a B.A. in Political
Science and Economics from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Rutherford,
NJ, a M. Ed.  Counseling Psychology, from WilliamPaterson University,
Wayne, NJ, and CPA requirements completed at Pace University,
NYC. Kevork resides in NY with his wife Maral, and three sons Aramazt,
Tro, and Ohanes. A descendant of survivors of the Genocide from the
town of Kilis, in the Cilician region of Armenia, an accountant by
profession, he likes to paint and write. His next project is to
collect the names of 100 volunteer Armenian-American families who
would like to resettle in Armenia and jump-start a new way of work and
life there. Some of his poems have been published in literary
periodicals such as "Ararat" and at

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