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The Literary Groong - 02/18/2006

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	By Koko Yegnukian

	To freeze that frame
	When our hearts spoke aloud
	To etherize a crowd
	Shan't it be the same

	By and through the seven lands
	And the four, which make the seas
	Through the eternal, sterile sky
	Whispers mimicking an April breeze

	I'd steel the rings of Saturn
	Mt. Olympus from Zeus
	Horns of Beelzebub would be mine
	As the wings of Seraphs I'd make thine

	The moon I'll have with butter
	The sun with toast and tea
	The rest I'll swallow whole
	Just to have your eyes
	Upon me

Koko Yegnukian was born in Yerevan and has lived in NYC since 1973.

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